Mike Altieri Actor

Mike is a graduate of the world's most prestigiious Acting Conservatory, AADA (The American Academy of Dramatic Arts) in Hollywood aada.edu  

Over the last two decades Mike has developed as an Actor, building from a great list of over two-dozen multi-dialectal monologues. He continues his Acting training in Los Angeles with Advanced Styles, Advanced Shakespeare, Advanced Voice & Speech (Multi-Dialectal), Professional Scene Study (Meisner), Improvisation, Stage Combat, Commedia dell-arte, Make-up, Audition Technique, Theatre History, Movement, and Advanced Vocal Production instruction.

As a child, Mike studied Acting at Frohman Academy in Carmel, CA, a school for acting, singing and dancing. He continued Acting training through high school and into Monterey Peninsula College earning the Nick Zanides Scholarship from Acting and Directing while at MPC.

kMike has worked with many great filmmakers over the years, resulting in an expansive network of Hollywood talents both cast and crew. He studied Film Producing, Cinematography and Lighting at AFI (American Film Institute) in Hollywood and carried on after AFI into the professional world making award-winning independent films. Mike has had many A-list mentors over the years and most common advice has been to further cut his teeth Acting at a Conservatory like The Academy.

eHe is in development and attached to star in a slate of feature length films. See Mike acting on stage & in film productions at MichaelAltieri.com/videoclips.html

IMDb profile for Mike Altieri

 American Runaway (crime / thriller)
 Victims of Fate (crime / thriller)
 The Trophy Case (crime / thriller)
 On Duty (crime / thriller)
 Positively 4th Street (crime / thriller)
 Innermost Self (drama)
 Sons of Italy (drama)
 I Am Third (comedy)
 Four Fridas on a Friday Night (action adventure)