A story about John J. Defranco, the rookie deputy of a small-town sheriff's unit. He Joins the force when a string of missing women erupts from neighboring counties.

While patrolling the highways, he catches up with two beautiful city girls. Sherry and Tina feel safety in inviting John and his two colleagues, Sheriff Buck and fellow Deputy Willis to join them at the local camp grounds.

Deputy Willis supplies a bottle of liquor and things quickly escalate. Sheriff Buck ferociously attacks Sherry who struggles against him, snatches his gun and fatally shoots him. Concerned with Buck's reputation, Willis pressures Defranco to hide the attempted rape. Through further investigation Defranco finds evidence linking Willis and Buck to a string of missing women.

Defranco discovers the courage to stand up to his partner, protect the fleeing women and rid society of this serial menace.

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